Arvados 2.2.1 Release Notes

July 12, 2021

The Arvados team is pleased to announce Arvados 2.2.1. This release adds new features for auditing and restricting file upload and download on Arvados, as well as several bug fixes. We recommend that new and existing installations of 2.2.0 or earlier upgrade to 2.2.1. See Upgrading Arvados for upgrade instructions.

Major Features

Auditing and restricting uploads and downloads

Arvados now features options to limit the ability of users to upload or download data from outside the cluster (i.e. networks other than the cluster’s own private network). This makes it possible to share restricted data sets with users so that they may run their own data analysis on the cluster, while preventing them from easily downloading the data set to their local workstation. Arvados also features additional logging and auditing of uploads and downloads. For more information, visit the Restricting upload or download page in the admin section of the Arvados documentation.

Documentation improvements

There is new documentation about the behavior of arvados-dispatch-cloud: Dispatching containers to cloud VMs.

Bug fixes


Workbench 2 “Edit Project” dialogs now correctly load the name and description for editing.


Fix misleading display in Workbench 2 of projects having a file size of 0.


  • Workaround a deadlock when running workflows by setting the default background thread count to 0.
  • Fix schema_salad.exceptions.ValidationException: union[str, int, bool, schema_salad.avro.schema.Schema, list, list, dict, list, None] object expected; got ruamel.yaml.scalarfloat.ScalarFloat error when attempting to run a CWL workflow that has custom fields which contain floating-point values.


Fix KeyError: None crash in arvados-cwl-runner when using a default File input value on an ExpressionTool.


Fixed bug where the error message “Mounts cannot be modified in state ‘Committed’” would be returned when attempting to cancel a workflow.


Now issues a warning when a configuration key is unrecognized because it does not match the correct case of the actual key.


The behavior of arv-put --no-follow-links is now more consistent, it will never follow symbolic links, even for paths that are given explicitly on the command line. Now prints warning when symlinks are skipped.


Bug fix for the signature computation in Keep S3 compatible API. Names with a comma “,” now work.

#17776 #17777 #17783

Arvados-dispatch-cloud now recognizes several additional errors from AWS EC2 as quota errors (InsufficientInstanceCapacity, MaxSpotInstanceCountExceeded, VcpuLimitExceeded) and stops trying to create new nodes until an existing node has been shut down.


Fix regression in arvados-cwl-runner, using $(runtime.outdir) to capture the entire output directory works as intended and no longer results in an error.


arvados-cwl-runner now checks --project-uuid and gives an error if it is not valid.


The compute image setup script does not start Docker until the setup is completed. This fixes a problem where containers would sometimes be started while the node was still starting up, but then be killed by the Docker daemon restarting.


Upgraded API server and Workbench to use Ruby on Rails to 5.2.6 due to security advisories.


Upgrade Workbench 2 packages due to security advisories.