Join the community to get help, support others, and help shape Arvados.

Community Support

The #arvados community channel at is the main location for community interaction. Join development engineers, power users, and newcomers for live discussion. Curii ( can provide enterprise level support for Arvados.

Development Community

Free software unlocks the potential of community to collaborate and develop in a decentralized way where the collective effort produces something greater than any individual or single company could achieve on their own. The Arvados design and development is open and transparent. We maintain a fully public source code repository through the entire development process. Contribution is merit-based and the code review, issues, backlog, and release schedules are all open and transparent.

The Arvados community is organized around six core principles:

  • Open Source - We are committed to developing free and open source software.
  • Elegance - We aim to create software that is well designed, flexible, modular, extensible and easily maintainable. We strive for user experiences that are thoughtful, simple and easy-to-use.
  • Transparency - All discussions and decisions happen in open forums. The community controls the design process. All decisions, processes, and discussions are documented and preserved in the project website.
  • Quality - We strive to create highly-quality code that is reliable, secure, scalable, tested, documented and maintainable. We understand that Arvados powers mission-critical systems.
  • Merit - Technical governance is a meritocracy. Working code wins arguments.
  • Respect - We seek to build a respectful, collaborative community that is enjoyable to participate in and fosters healthy discussion and debate.

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